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RCMP Internet Safety Resources

Growing access to high speed connections has made it easier for Canadians to complete a variety of activities online. While the Internet has opened up a world of information, it has also made people, particularly children and youth, vulnerable to harassment and bullying. Go to this webpage RCMP on Internet Safety for Tips and useful resources.

Cyberbullying Game

General Internet Safety

Childnet International
A non-profit organization working with others to “help make the Internet a great and safe place for children”

All about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles. Learn how to be safe online and chat smart.

Safe On-Line Outreach Society (Merlyn Horton)
SOLOS is British Columbiaís best source for knowledge and tools to keep your children and youth safe online. SOLOS Programs address cyberbullying, online sexual exploitation and gang recruitment and other issues for youth face online.
Kid Proof Canada(Samantha Wilson) Safe Canada

Resourcing the curriculum on cyberbullying

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Games for kids and teens, some great activities
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Managing Student Safety Online
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Researchers Pepler and Craig seem to have been involved with this topic since the late 90's and as current as 2004.
Alberta has much to offer as they have been ahead of BC in the online community and well developed their resources on this topic.

You are NOT alone. is dedicated to increasing the awareness of, and the problems associated with, bullying and to preventing, resolving and eliminating bullying in society.
Bully B'ware
Find materials, tips, strategies, and workshops on taking action against bullying.
Information, facts, and resources on cyberbullies.
Violence Prevention
Cyberbullying in the Canadian Legal Arena

Cyber Security information for Canadians

Public Safety Canada
Confronting Facebook, YouTube and MySpace
Bullying in the Digital Age

Background information

From BCTF - Bullying

Your child deserves a safe, caring and bully-free environment. Read more about what teachers, parents, and students are doing in schools to prevent bullying.
Brookman, Beverly. Tips for parents on keeping kids safe from bullying. 2002. (Beverly Brookman is a retired teacher-counsellor and a former BCTF facilitator.)
Knickerbocker, Nancy. Silence is acceptance: Killarney rejects bully behaviour. Teacher newsmagazine, Nov/Dec 2000.
Waterhouse, Terry. A safe and caring environment. Teacher newsmagazine, Oct 2000.


  • is an award-winning Canadian site to help children deal with bullying and teasing.
  • Directorate of Agencies for School Health
  • Dieticians of Canada
  • HASTE (Hub for Action on School Transportation Issues) is a project that supports schools and their communities taking action on reducing transportation emissions in British Columbia. It's an online resource and networking centre, designed to help students, teachers and schools improve the health of individuals, communities and the environment.
  • Healthy Spaces was designed to increase awareness of the risk of potential contaminants in the education and play enviornments.
  • iamsafe is an international anti-bullying organization which works to combat threatening and dangerous situations confronting children, youth and communities.
  • PrevNet is a national network of Canadian researchers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments committed to stop bullying.


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Resources and activities for Parents, Teachers and Everyone
Public Service Announcement The door that's not locked. All Web. No Net.
Brochure links below.


Events in October / November 2010
Media Democracy Day Vancouver
Nov. 6, 2010 12-5pm VPL
This one-day event, hosted by the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University,, and the Vancouver Public Library brings citizens, artists, activists, students, media makers, innovators, and educators together in a vibrant and critical discussion of the state of the Canadian and global media systems.

Internet Related Contests
myprivacy & me Video PSA Contest Deadline
Postmark your video no later than Friday, December 10, 2010.
The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) is inviting young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to create their own public service announcement (PSA) on the issue of privacy. Privacy is a growing concern, particularly among young people. The OPC is encouraging young people to create their own video PSA which will inform other youth about current privacy issues and the importance of protecting one's personal information. The ultimate goal of their PSA should be to encourage other young people to critically think about how their personal information is collected and used everyday, and how their privacy can be compromised.
More info:

This year there are four different categories for videos. The videos can be submitted in English or French - we will subtitle all finalist videos so they work in either official language.
Need more incentive to participate? This year we have exciting new prizes! The first-place winners in each category receive a cool new iPad! Second-place winners receive a $200 gift card, and third-place winners receive a $100 gift card.

Testimonials / Videos

NetSmartz -



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Download Posters to Print out
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Print Resources Available
Click to download age appropriate Safety & the Internet brochures:

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Internet Safety Age 8-9 Internet Safety Age 10-12 Internet Safety Age 13-15
Surrey has these brochures available. If you are a Surrey teacher, you can request copies through this form.

People Resources Available Locally (Based on Langley's Cyberbullying calendar)
1. School Counsellor
Surrey SAFE Schools
SPEAC - Suicide Prevention Education - Assessment and Consultation 604-584-5811
Youth Against Violence 1-800-680-4264
Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives 604-534-5515
Family and Youth Services Society (FAYSS) 604-534-2171
Kids Help Phone - 1-800-668-6868
Youth in BC 1-866-661-3311 -
Youthquest 604-523-9115
RCMP, Youth Unit 604-532-3214
Victim Link 1-800-563-0808
Youth Wellness Centre 604-539-2900